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Make the right shipping choiceSea freight is the most economic form of transportation by which goods are moved between countries. With the use of containerization it has greatly increased the volumes of cargo moved by sea freight and improving, the transit time and the safety of the cargo deliveries.

International shipments are most often transported by sea. When you are moving large shipment that don't require a fast delivery, sea transport is the most economical choice.

The following factors should be considered when choosing sea freight for your delivery mode, these are: 

  • Sea freight  is the most economical shipping method.
  • Transit times.
  • The frequency of the vessel sailings.
  • The actual sailing time between the port of loading and the port of discharge.
  • If the sailing is a direct sailing or a transhipment sailing; that is to say will the vessel sail directly to the port of discharge or will the cargo be placed on a second vessel and then delivered to a final port of discharge.
  • Is the sailing an inducement sailing, the vessel will only call the port of loading or discharge if there is sufficient cargo to load or discharge 

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